Friday, December 16, 2005

Spewing poetry

Apologies for more poetry. But I think in verse now.
Was wondering how romanticism is out of fad in these cynical times : but can yet at times strongly appeal. A love-poem that seeks to philosophize : won't tell you who inspired it!

l'affaire Romantique post-mod style

The eroticism of perfect platonism
is more than any body can conjure :
Converted to your side - romanticism;
The superiority of reason I abjure.

Complex systems
guided by simple rules:
has had its say.

Mind forbids
but Heart rebels;
though Evolution avers:
Beauty upwells
without rhyme or reason.

You tip-toed into my life.
With a ballerina's elegant ease
You settled into it.
I carefully built a frame
To house you.
But life breaks free!

And now at parting's hour,
My Muse!
Silken strands have I to extricate
from chaotic skeins.
I wonder what I love more:
My love?
Or you?
Platonism is sexy:
The Heart is true.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Opening spell

Well, I am a madman desperate to be heard and I own a PC with free net connectivity. Isn't that good enough reason to start my own blog? I doodle, I daydream, I debate ( well in case you are wondering what's all this crap about, I am just arguing out loudly the points in favor of blogging: but are there any? Might as well call it a compulsive desire and let it rest at that) : so why not do that in public ? Which brings me to the next important question: what to "publish" (cool-sounding word, ain't it?)? Well I'll start off with some rambling poetry and just hope that some unfortunate soul would oneday be blown up on my desert isle by a cyber-gale to read through this mess.

Here goes my "midsem megalomania" series: composed in the dark hours preceding impending doom ( they are called "midsem tests" in our part of the world), they are masterpieces of subtle expression and offer interesting insight into the state of the poet's mind.

Midsem Megalomania
I am the free one; the muktapurusha!
untied from wordly moha,
from girls and grades; from masquarades.
'Tis the cosmic fluid that I drink
And live deftly on chaos's brink.
I am shakti; I am gyaan; My life is sublime bliss,
On my cheek Nature-mother's silent kiss.
Through my veins streams of energy flow;
To my iridiscent soul heaven and star bow.
I am the Quantum Being; Dual and Advaita both sing
to me, paens of reverence; the elements to me bring
eternal joyous nourishment ;as I sit in deep contemplation:
unutterably profound realisation streaks through my being ;
As I solve unstateable Koans with magnificient Gedanken,
The Gods look down in sordid awe from heaven!
Now now friends, I ask you :Whether 'tis unfair or not, to expect

Enlightened ones such as Mr.Buddha or me
Or such great men, who are only two or three
to appear for crass lowly midsem exams such as these

Midsem Megalomania - Part 2
I think I am monarch of all (that I do not survey;
instead I employ Civil Engineers who these earthly details purvey.)
I am lord of the fowl and the brute and a savage race(of techno-nerds!)

who,as another Lord petulantly shrieked: "hoard and sleep and feed and know not me!"
I am become a name; for roaming always with a hungry heart,
Much have I seen and known; of cities,governments and men;
Till I got stuck up on this desert isle; this foul mire;(this anachronistic bullcrap-loaded madmarsh of St.Elmo's fire!)

Now I am grown all old; my battleweary body bears many a scar;
My spirit quashed by dead habit in this Isle of lotos-eaters.

Yet, I Candydas, mythical dragon-fisted hero that sailed to Colchis

with Jason, and Heracles ol' ship-mate! and stinking Ulysses
(who stole my idea of the Trojan horse and got epics written about 'imself!)
Me who bearded the Assyrian lion in his Tikrit den with bare hands
Trained in weapons by Charon and schooled by Aristotle the goodly geek (er..greek)

I put to sword wild Scythians (and Alans and Avars) in distant Asian lands!
'Twas me chief-guest at Odin's millenial gala banquet!
It did a bit freak Me out to partake of wine from human skulls, freshly slain, but then with blonde Norse maidens it all got sorted out; And then

I outdid Sir Gallagher in mirthy duel as little Thor
(for he was always the little one to me!) looked sulkily on.
It was I too that slew the good-natured Minotaur
before along walked Theseus and stole 'way the fair Cretan princess,
and I that clipped the wings of Li Pung the Chinese dragon
atop the great wall; and I of shiny armour and noble heart
and flinty sinews that halted the Amazon charge(ah beauteous foes those)

and made the Persians eat their own beards;the vile hordes of Darius
and Xerxes were hung from gardens.
And I am glad that I did them in! Ah that gypsy warrior life,
Of glory and wounds and escapades; of gory and whory pleasures
That I do so sorely miss in this Minotaur-dungy isle of stolid folk,
That know nothing of warfare and adventure,these neonate mug-heads!

And isn't it pitiable that heroic beings such as me,
(Whom Ramases in Pyramid-land himself built an obelisk to
And whose praise Appolo's sacred hiefers still do moo
Whose name was worked into chants by priestesses of the Sun
Me the hero of many bloody battles won and unwon!)
Are subjected in this desert isle to vile torments,
Ah Aeschylus arise from thy grave and write this greatest tragedy,
of which I,Candydas, once warrior of myth, and now sad poet
do sing; of the greatest plague on heroic folk:
such cowardly ignoble midsem tests as these!

Indebted to the following literary pieces :
Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Ulysses" and William Cowper's poem on Alexander Selkirk and Kinjal Dasbiswas's "Midsem Megalomania" (-Part 1), posted sometime last sem. on

Glossary : St. Elmo's fire : phenomenon due to atmospheric electricity in which you see a discharge around pointed metallic objects such as ice-axes in cold weather...observed first by mountaineers.

Candydas : parody/alternate spelling of Chandidas....medieval Bengali Vaishnava poet

Avars/Alans/Scythians : wild people of the Eurasian steppes, always a threat to civilisations

the rest : obligatory knowledge of history and mythology expected of any self-respecting "culture" nerd.